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I’m not going to go down the route of making lists, delegating or any of the usual traditional things.
For me personally I work in colour, I’m always on the go and I love a little bit of technology – so here are my three secrets for being more time efficient:

Colour Coded CalendarsColour Coding

As someone that works in colour, my life is full of it. From colour pens to colour post-its and everything in between. But my top tip would be to action your calendar in different colours. One colour for internal meetings, one for external meetings, one for events etc etc. At a glance you’ll be able to visualise your week and, where possible, complete tasks of a similar nature on a specified day.


Take time out of your day to do specific tasks, and only focus on one at a time. This is sometimes easier said than done, particularly when working in a busy office. So my recommendation for when you’re in a team environment and others can see your calendar is to block out time to do specific tasks.

Make up the name of the task whatever you need to do so that you’re doing stuff without being interrupted.

On that note. Put your phone to do not disturb for half a day, half an hour or whatever it takes to complete a task. Get rid of all those unnecessary distractions!

Did you know? It takes approx. 30 minutes to get back ‘in the zone’ following a distraction!

CamCardUtilise Technology

As someone who is always client facing, the one thing I can’t live without is CamCard – I LOVE it!

It’s an amazing the little app which enables me to scan an individual’s business cards into my phone.
Two things happen then:

  1. They go to our Deli database, which means that we’ve got them on file, and
  2. They become a contact in my phone.

The later means that when someone contacts me, their name pops up on my phone and I can answer with a specific personalisation. As someone who’s extremely hot on good customer service, this is something of a surprise and delight for people because they’re not expecting it.

Whether it’s CamCard or something else, find a piece of technology that makes a task time efficient for you – giving you more time play to your strengths elsewhere!

Check out CamCard for yourself by visiting their website

Got your own time efficient secret? We’d love to hear them!