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Running a business is challenging. But to make our lives easier, some amazing tech geeks developed a number of great apps for business, to help streamline processes.

The below is our pick of the best apps for business.


1. Slack

The Deli Agency is a current Slack user and advocate! Internal communications have never been so simple and slick.

Slack allows teams to communicate quickly and effectively through its messaging platform. Set up channels, profiles, direct message team members, share files and links, integrate other apps, such as Twitter and Dropbox and search past communications.

With most businesses being on the move these days, you can carry Slack with you anywhere you go! Install the app on your phone, tablet and desktop and receive instant notifications.

We, at the Deli Agency, have moved our entire internal communications to Slack, leaving email for external comms only.

 2. MailTime Email Messenger

An alternative to Slack is MailTime Email Messenger. Features include:

– Emails displayed as conversations (like text messages) are cleaner and easier to read than threads.
– Intelligent inbox sorts important emails from newsletters and promotions
– Easy to set up group chats allow users to include everyone involved
– Assign tasks with a push of a button

Apps for Business -Email


3. Evernote

Stay organised and productive with one of best apps for business. Evernote offers great features that make it easy to keep on top of tasks, capture ideas and inspiration and share it with anyone.

Features include:
– Make notes including capturing images, sketches, to-do lists and ideas
– Easy access to all your notes in one place, on your phone, tablet or desktop
– Great search function to find what you need fast
– Collaborate with colleagues by sharing notes

Evernote offers three levels of membership, depending on your business needs. Prices start from $0 to $57 per year.

Apps for Business - Evernote
4. Spotify

It has been proven that music aids productivity. Spotify is your access to an endless array of music, wherever you are! Set up playlists, share music with your friends and colleagues and discover what others are listening to.

Apps for Business - Spotify
You can sign up for free, but you’ll have to put up with intermittent ads, won’t be able to choose songs on your mobile and will only be able to skip a few songs in one session.  

Monthly paid subscription costs $12 a month – a small price to pay for convenience and increased productivity.


5. Headspace

You work hard to get your business ticking along. But it’s important to wind down, take a break and let go of the stresses that business can bring.

Headspace is a fantastic free (in-app purchases) personal brain trainer app. It teaches you how to meditate and unlock a happier and healthier version of you.

Check out how it works!