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This week on Deli Bytes, Becca shares the 5 biggest video content mistakes.

Check out the video above or on YouTube and if you like it, share it! We also summarised the tips below, so have a read if you don’t have time to watch.


5 Biggest Video Content Mistakes

Hard Selling

No one wants to get sold to ridiculous hard so make sure your content is engaging and informative.

The shorter the video, the better

Attention span from customers are getting shorter and shorter. Even if you have enough content to fill a 5 or 10 minute video, make sure to build your audience’s expectations and start small. Aim for a shorter video, 90 seconds or shorter.

Sharing Content

Under utelising social platforms. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc. Most of these platforms allow you to upload videos directly. So no more sharing Youtube video links.

If you like to see more information on that. I have rewritten a more depth blog about Avoiding Video Marketing Mistakes.