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In ‘5 minutes with…’ The Delicatessen’s Becca Saunders chats to entrepreneurs from across all industries to find out why and how they do what they do, what makes them tick and get some inside tips for all budding business owners.

In this month’s interview, Becca catches up with style and fashion mentor, author and speaker, Wendy Mak.

5mins with Wendy Mak

Why did you start your business?

I saw a gap in the market. I saw that there was a need to bring the service at an affordable price to the Australian market and to make the service more contemporary as well. Traditionally, in the fashion styling space at the time when I started the business it was very much old school consultants.

I wanted to really bring a more modern approach that was more accessible price wise.

The business did really well. I think it always starts with a really strong customer centric view. It allowed me to create a reputation as someone who was delivering a great service. That reputation then allowed me to get media exposure. One thing leads to another – you deliver great service then get great media exposure and in return you continue to get more clientele and exposure. It really all fed into each other.

The business from there evolved and expanded. I now focus on providing style and fashion advice through my blog, also training and coaching in person for women who want to become fashion stylists themselves.


What’s a typical day in the life of you?

Haha! There’s never a typical day!

That’s the thing about having your own business versus a desk job. It is very hard to predict what you are doing.

It’s really fun because it’s flexible but at the same time, especially when it’s just yourself or you have a very, very small business, it’s not necessarily glamorous, because you’re doing everything. Some days it’s really super fun and other days you’re doing your GST and it’s really boring.


What’s your favourite part of your job?

Meeting all the different people. I think everyone has a different story to tell, everybody has different needs in terms of what they want to learn and know about and they have all come through a different journey to get here and that’s what I enjoy hearing the most.


Who inspires you?

Interesting question. I am a reality TV junkie, I really am and anyone who knows me knows that I am. And I have to say, as bas as it sounds, I actually really love Bethenny Frankel. I just admire her guts and I think her journey has been phenomenal.


Any top tips for fellow entrepreneurs?

My first tip is always stay mentally strong. I talk about this all the time, but you have to stay positive and optimistic, which is very hard to do.

It is so crucial to try and really stay strong within yourself to get you out of those harder days.

My second tip is to never underestimate your image when it comes to business. So much of that first impression really helps and I think that’s something that entrepreneurs, if they haven’t thought about, probably should consider.


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