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Video content has never been more powerful for your business. In fact, 97% of marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service and 76% say it helped them increase sales. But videos are not just for marketing, they can also support teams in different ways, such as in PR, recruitment etc.

The evolving nature of how audiences consume and retain information has made video content an essential part of any successful marketing campaign.

But under the umbrella of ‘video’ sits a broad range of types, formats and styles that can at times be daunting and confusing. With so many paths your video can take (depending on what you’re trying to achieve), it can be hard to ascertain whether you can do it all yourself, or if you need to bring in the experts.

Here are 5 tell-tale signs you may need a video production agency:

1. You know you need video, but have no clue where to start

Everyone around you is making video, every business blog is telling you that your business needs video and the videos your competitors have created are popping up on your social news feeds. There’s no denying that you need video, but you just have no idea where to start.

And everytime you hit a wall with a video idea, storyboard, schedules or filming, it becomes easier to put the project into the too-hard basket.

Some of the questions that may run through your mind are:

  • What video(s) do we make first?
  • Who will write the script? Who will film it?
  • How do we fit the production of video content around other projects?

If you’re having trouble kickstarting your video efforts, a professional video agency can help with that all important first step – providing a strong direction or strategy to produce effective video content that aligns with your objectives.

2. You’ve made video in the past but weren’t happy with the outcome

You’ve dabbled in creating video content either by doing it yourself, bringing in a friend of a friend, or hiring a freelancer, but you haven’t always been happy with the finished product.

Maybe it took too long, the process was more stressful than expected, or the finished video ended up taking a different direction that you had in mind. You’ve given it a go, spent a little (or more) money on it and ended up with something you didn’t love, so it didn’t get used.

Unfortunately, if you’ve tried DIY and still find yourself going around in circles, it may be time to bring in some professional help. While there are a myriad of intuitive apps and tools to make creating videos easier and cheaper today, the truth is, people do tend to underestimate how much work goes into the creation of a successful video.

It’s not just about:

  • pretty imagery
  • good-looking talent, or
  • hilarious content

It’s foundationally created on:

  • a solid video strategy,
  • a huge amount of topic, audience and platform research
  • a production plan, and
  • a distribution strategy

The more ‘effortless’ a piece of content seems, the more planning and strategy has gone into it. When you engage a video production agency, you’d be working with people that have been there and know the ropes and where the gaps lie. They would have devised clear and clean processes to generate a successful piece on content (and the good ones will do it on-time and on-budget). All you have to is give guidance and approvals.

3. You have a deadline coming up FAST!

We all know that good things take time but in reality deadlines often come up and bite us in the bum! You may only have a week to come up with video content to support a timely marketing campaign for example, with such little wriggle room it can be dangerous to take the task into your own hands.

This is where the professionals come in handy – you can expect a video production agency to be used to creating content under tight timelines, but to speed up the process, you always want to have an idea ready, and some budget to spare.

A few ways a video production agency can add value in this area are:

  • they know exactly how much editing time is needed to create the desired outcome, and can give you accurate turnaround times
  • they could have established studios or location spaces which can be utilised for shoots
  • they’ll be able to add finishing touches to your video – such as closed captions, music, or even make snackable versions of the video specially for promotion on social media.

4. You want to create a series of videos

So you want to create a number of videos that represent your brand. They key to doing so successfully is consistency. One of the biggests perks of working with a video agency is that they take the time to get to know your brand, and develop customised video brand guidelines to ensure that each video in the series speaks to the personality of your business.

Video brand guidelines usually include:

  • correct PMS colours to use
  • which logos should be used where
  • lower third and name tag graphics
  • music choice
  • studio setup and layout (if applicable)

If you’re unsure of any of the above points, it’s time to bring on an video production agency.

5. You want to film videos across different states

If you need to shoot video content in a cross country location, a video production agency will save you time, money and headaches. Employing a video agency that services nationwide in Australia can offer many benefits, including:

  • peace of mind knowing your videos will look uniform and professional even when they’re filmed offsite
  • no additional travel costs – if the agency has crew in each state there is no additional cost of flying people around the country to get your video together
  • handling the logistical side of things, pulling together all the call sheets and editing schedules, and transporting equipment.

Now you’ve read through this you should have a pretty clear understanding if you do or don’t need a video production agency to help meet your company’s objectives.

We’ve put together a video we think you’d enjoy watching that takes a look at how to maximise your budget when working with an agency. Instead of faffing around, we give you the top tips to get the best product with the budget you’ve got. Watch it today!

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