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Filming outside really isn’t easy

Most people think that filming outside is a pretty simple thing to pull off (when it’s not raining!). However, all of the controls that go into an indoor shoot need to occur at an outdoor shot AND then some!

The majority of people think that natural light can be a substitute for a full lighting setup; and this is completely wrong. During outdoor shoots your videographer will need to get creative with their shots, pay attention to the sun and it’s placement in the sky in order to use the light effectively.

Use these tips to set yourself up for success next time you’re working outside.

  1. Use the sun in the middle of the day.

    The sun can cast down some really unspectacular shadows in the middle of the day, so make sure you pick your spots well. If it’s a cloudy day, try and utilise the clouds as a filter for the sun and to diffuse harsh light.

    The middle of the day is absolutely fantastic for timelapse videos, as the moving sun can create some amazing imagery.

  1. Use the sun as a backlight.

    The sun can be used as a backlight to give an after edge light effect. (This type of shot is really popular in wedding videos and Hollywood movies)

  1. Know when sunrise and sunset happen.

    In order to make the most of the sun, you’ll need to know exactly when the sun is due to rise and set (thank you iPhone weather app!)

  1. Invest in filters.

    Before filming anything outside make sure you invest in filters for your camera lenses – an ND filter can be the difference between getting the shot and not in the brightness of day.

    (Note: An ND filter can adjust your ISO, f/stop and shutter speed to near normal levels in order to get the shot you want. It’ll also help capture depth of field.)

  1. Use the right lenses!

    When filming outside the environment is much wider and you need to take advantage of focal length.

    You can do this easily by using prime lenses, particularly wide-angle lenses such as a 21mm or 28mm. They really convey a sense of immense space – which is great when it comes to capturing an establishing shot!


Thinking of filming your next piece of content outside and want our help? Get in touch today!