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Sometimes you need a little inspiration to get your creative juices flowing again. Social media, and in particular, Instagram, is a great source of motivation, but how do you know who to follow?

Here at The Delicatessen, we have compiled a list of our favourite instagram accounts that we find most inspirational. If your favourite isn’t on the list, make sure you share it with us by commenting below.

So, let’s get to it!

Levo League



Levo League is all about careers – advice, tools, inspiration, networking and more. It’s a great example of an organisation with consistent branding, useful information, and fantastic use of video and visuals and it’s instagram page is an extension of the full website. It’s a place where interaction and feedback is openly encouraged. If you are running your own business, this is a great place to get inspired and learn from!




For a daily dose of inspirational quotes, @happsters is your Mecca! Although a bit cheesy at times, the quotes will definitely add a sprinkle of positive thinking to your morning shake. When the world gives you lemons, check out @happsters. With quotes like “You will never influence the world by trying to be like it”, you’ll surely get cracking on that lemonade!

Humans of New York


Humans of NY

Storytelling through pictures in its purest form. Founder, Brendon Stanton, allows still images and a few words to tell stories rather than video – sounds and movement could distract from the full effect of his storytelling. Great example of when video shouldn’t be used! With 3.5 million followers on instagram, Humans of New York has become a new form of global community, where people connect by sharing stories through Stanton’s photos. If you’re feeling lonely and need company, you’ve come to the right place @humansofny.

Sir Richard Branson


Richard Branson

The rock star of entrepreneurs, Sir Richard Branson, is one inspirational dude. Not only is he a high school drop-out self-made billionaire, but he’s also totally likeable. His posts – that will undoubtedly leave you slightly envious at times – will also shake your motivation into gear. You’ll leave his insta page chanting, “of course I can, of course I can” for the rest of the week.




A little geeky, I know. But for images and videos that are truly out of this world (terrible pun, I do apologise), you must follow NASA’s instagram account. NASA makes great use of the video function – posting footage of the moon setting viewed from space, tropical storms from above, time-lapse video of the sun as well as promoting the Hubble’s 25th anniversary. Explore the universe and get a new perspective with @nasa.

National Geographic


National Geographic

Don’t know about you, but I have spent weeks daydreaming about what it would be like to run around in a camouflage safari suit with the latest Nikon gear in tow, hiding behind shrubs and risking my life in the wild just to capture the perfect shot. But as I’m a city-critter and the thought of a simple camping trip sends shivers down my spine, I prefer to enjoy images taken by professionals at @natgeo from the safety of my clean, dry and climate-controlled sofa. The images on this instagram account will leave you breathless, at times teary, and always amazed.