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Let’s talk about Achieving Hyper Productivity In Business

It’s true everyone has the same 24 hours every day, but it’s obvious that some people achieve far more than others. Take Jay Z and Beyoncé for example. They are running full time businesses & brands, making regular appearances and earning money in their sleep. Sounds like the ideal situation for any business owner or entrepreneur right?

So what sets them apart – and before you say the money, let’s take a deeper look at what makes up the traits of a hyper productive person…

Something these people understand is the super simple fact of leverage.

Whether that is time, tools, people or locations, nothing is left to chance or is an accident – There is a high level of strategy and planning to their daily activities. Be it a meeting, travel plans or performance, these people work with others to ensure these crazy levels of productivity.

So what could you do to start seeing similar results in your own business? The first thing you need to do is to assess what you already do and admit where you have weaknesses and gaps in your processes.

Do you build your own website? Is this your specialist area? Would you be better to pay someone to do this – thus allowing you more time to focus on bigger incoming productions activities? If you can close deals and are great at sales it make sense to focus your energy on that and get a specialist to build your website for example.

Let’s break this down in a recent analysis I did for a client, who shall remain nameless for privacy reasons;

After spending a day (10+ hours) building out sections of their own website, thinking they were saving money by not paying someone to do it. I posed a question to them around their sales techniques and conversion rates, and something instantly became very clear to me.

With their answer that they close on average one in four deals worth on average between $1500 – 10,000 each, and those iN a ninety minute meeting or less. I went through the maths with them. If you hadn’t been doing the website – you could have had at least six meetings, even with time for lunch. Resulting in a minimum of $1500 in sales. Whilst not achieving the web build directly – this figure allows them to have paid a professional web developer to build out MORE of the website, arguably in a BETTER format than they achieved themselves in the same time.

So let’s recap on what we just happened. By refocusing the individuals efforts to where they excel – we allowed them to achieve more on the website build, thus opening up opportunities to new clients from the new features of the website. As well as building the relationship with a new ‘ existing client that is currently worth a minimum of $1500 now – and no doubt more later in the relationship.

So the question is what are you GREAT at?

Are you focussed on that and mostly that, with few or no distractions?
If not I would argue that you are not doing yourself or your business justice!

So today I challenge you to adjust your focus and concentrate on your STRONGEST skills and find others to bridge the gap where your skills could be improved. This is vital to fast growth in any business.

Other ways to increase hyper productivity include collaborations & joint ventures – as this is a great way for two businesses or individuals to mutually benefit from a partnership whilst offering great value to their existing and new customers. You should also consider your travel plans. I am a HUGE advocate for UBER & other care sharing / public transport solutions, because I know how much work I can achieve during, what is (for other people) DEAD / WASTED time. Empowered with the right tools you can hyper achieve in your day if you fill those somewhat insignificant moments with hyper productive activities, like;

  • Writing blogs walking to the train station.
  • Scheduling your social media on the bus.
  • Arranging meetings from the back seat of your Uber.

These are obviously just a few examples and it is obviously to look at them closely and do the maths and work out the returns, but they are PROVEN methods we use at both The Deli Agency & ATN to increase our levels of productivity to that people claim is ‘unachievable’ or ‘unsustainable’ – We are proof otherwise.

If you would like to discuss how you can achieve much higher levels of productivity in your business – Please get in touch and one of the team will be happy to connect you with out business development team & they will in turn share with you some easy to implement techniques on how to achieve rapid growth and increased productivity specifically within your business.

Tristan Griffiths
+61 (0) 412 007 389
Digital Jedi • Business Development Manager
The Deli Agency