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As you very well know by now, gargantuan tech company Apple launched their hotly anticipated and newest set of products this morning – the iPhone 6, a larger iPhone 6 Plus and the heavily-rumoured Apple Watch. The design, user experience and innovation masthead led a classy but very tight-lipped marketing campaign leading up to the Apple event this morning, led only by a date and a sleek countdown on the home page of their website, simply stating, “wish we could say more.” People love mystery, so it worked a treat.

The reason we’re confident that you’ve already seen and know everything about Apple’s announcement, is because the news is everywhere on social media.

From 3A.M. Australian local time, Apple employees and tech fans alike have been awake and live-tweeting the event, everywhere from Twitter, to Facebook, to their blogs. Regardless of the live stream having some technical issues (anyone pick up any Chinese?), the tweets kept flooding in from businesses, celebrities, athletes and news and technology websites.

Websites like Yahoo Tech, Mashable, Gizmodo and 9To5Mac offered simple but extremely frequent live updates on Apples big announcement, complete with screenshots of the keynote with exact times they were revealed. Some updates were amusing – Comedy Central tweeted, “The Apple Watch finally allows users to ruin two devices when they reach into the toilet to retrieve their iPhone.” Comedian and talk show extraordinaire Ellen DeGeneres tweeted, “So excited for the Apple Watch. For centuries, we’ve checked the time by looking at our phones. Having it on your wrist? Genius. ‪#AppleLive

That’s the true beauty of social media – you can instantly weigh in on the matter at hand, be it in a serious way or by throwing a bit of sarcasm in. And because the news is simultaneously rippling through the community from a range of different sources, an incredible wall of social media content is created. One that simply cannot be ignored.

Social media company Spredfast notes that more than one million tweets were sent about the new iPhones, most people gushing about the size and the camera quality. #iPhone6Plus has been trending on Twitter for hours. Apple stock also rose to a high of 103.8 points. We even saw Apple Bingo games being played and shared during the wee hours of the morning in anticipation of the event.

With social media in a flurry, we found that we could find out almost everything about Apple’s event without even reading any news articles. And when you take a step back and realise that Apple is still a business launching a brand new product without insight on how consumers will react, these social media updates have given Apple a way to effortlessly and organically market their brand. Not only that, but Apple now have an accurate gauge of what consumers are thinking.

It’s hard to deny the scale and muscle of social media marketing… though few companies can demand an online discourse as Apple can.

It shouldn’t stop your business from trying.