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Gone are the days when creating video was a long and expensive business.

Advances in technology, smartphones, production equipment and social platforms has meant that almost anyone, dare I say it, can become a video marketer!

Faster, easier and cheaper does not always mean great content!

But donʼt worry, once youʼve developed your video content plan there are a few simple steps you can take to avoid making the following common video marketing mistakes:

Hard Selling

No one wants to be hit with a hard sell. Ever.

You need to build a relationship with your audience, and this takes time. Intrigue them with information and share stories about your brand/product through short, personable videos.

Poor Title and SEO

Thereʼs no point in having a great video that no one can find.

Interesting titles and effective tagging are imperative to maximising your SEO and increasing your viewing figures.

Focus on Products, not People

Donʼt make your video a list of facts about your product of business.

People want to hear stories about other people using your product or service, and the benefits they derived from using them. Tell your story well and people ask for more information.

Under-using Social Media

Almost every social media platform supports video content. Maximise both your reach and your SEO by publishing your tailored video content across YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram.


Note: Just because I say use them all, only do so if you have a presence on all of them!

Long Videos

We live in a world of short attention spans and immediate gratification.

Your videos need to stick to the magic formula of being short, informative and entertaining!

By avoiding these common mistakes youʼll be well on your way to creating content which resonates and engages your target audience.


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