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What Baz Luhrmann Taught Me About Business

‘Be careful whose advice you buy but be patient with those who supply it.’

Why is this specifically relevant in business you may ask? 

Well in today’s world of ever evolving and changing digital media communication, it is hard to keep up without help. Unless it is your industry it can become a drain on not only your time but also your resources & therefore most people reach out to others for help and advice.

These people have an obligation to do right by you – but how do you pick the right ones?

What Baz Luhrmann Taught Me About Business

‘It seems today everyone is an expert or guru though’

As Baz said in the infamous internet hit sensation Everyone’s free to wear sunscreen;
It’s important to be careful when selecting who you accept help from, but also that you are then respectful of their time given to help you.

Our advice is that when you are looking at who to get this advice from, it can be a minefield; So your first point of call should be your friends, siblings and those who are already lucky enough to have proven help in these fields. If you aren’t lucky enough to have someone to call upon, who can help you with this – do your research into their previous successes & track record. See how their own platforms and pages are performing & if they live by the information they are sharing or if they just advise others to do it. This is what Baz Luhrmann taught me about business

As a qualified chef myself;
The best chefs would eat their own pie!

What Baz Luhrmann Taught Me About Business…

Social media managers & teachers are the same and should do themselves what they are teaching others.
Why else would you trust and believe them that it is the best thing for you and your own business?

So think twice when taking advice from others & be vigilant – you have a duty of care to yourself & your business to do your own due diligence checks before & during engaging any social media help for external sources.

If you are unsure what you should be on the look out for – please do feel free to get in touch with the team at The Deli and ask any questions you may have;
+61 (0) 412 007 389

We are on hand to help & advise you what some of the most common pitfalls are when it comes to social media and outsourcing content creation elements of your business. Also if you require help in this are we actually offer a Social Media Personal Trainer package to help you navigate the ever changing digital landscape for your business.

We would love to know what you think of What Baz Luhrmann Taught Me About Business;
So please do let us know, and also any issues you have personally faced in this field.

What Baz Luhrmann Taught Me About Business