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Becca’s tip of the month – Content planning for the year ahead

By January 15, 2016April 1st, 2016Business, Content Marketing, Social Media

We’re kicking this year off with a new regular post: Becca’s tip of the month. Each month Becca will bring you a few tips and tricks she’s picked up through starting her own business.

This month, she brings you her tops tips on planning your content for the year ahead. Check it out above or read the summary below.


Top tips for content planning in the New Year


Review & Evaluate

Review and evaluate the past year, or at least the past quarter. See what gained traction, what didn’t work and assess platforms used.


Set goals

Make it your intentions clear – what do you want to achieve by publishing content. Will the platforms you’re publishing on help you get there? Make sure your content supports your goals!



Try to plan your content well ahead of time! Make sure when you plan you keep available resources in mind so you don’t over commit.


If you have any topics you’d like Becca to discuss in this monthly section, please leave a comment below or drop us a line. Visit The Man That Can YouTube page for more tips and tricks!


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