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Everyday I find myself telling clients, and onlookers alike, not to be precious about their content. Because when it comes to creating content it’s all about being human and owning the content your create.

I’m an advocate for planning & creating content that can be repurposed. For pushing content out in a timely manner for maximum relevance. And for recutting & repurposing content

It’s about what’s right for both the platform and the audience. It’s not about perfection. Your audience don’t want perfect, they want authentic.

“It’s all about being human!”

It just so happens that I break my own rule when it comes to creating content for my own Instagram account. Every morning I post an inspirational quote (black text on white background) and every afternoon/evening I post an image. I use hashtags to ensure maximum engagement and social amplification; and am extremely proud of the aesthetics of the page as a whole:

So you can imagine my upset (sheer devastation) when I realised that I accidentally managed to post two pictures side-by-side:

Owning your content 2 - beccasaunders89

Upon realising my ‘mistake’ I had two options:

  1. Delete the picture & post a quote instead
  2. Get over it!

Considering the love my photo of Archie Rose Distillery had received (75 likes in a matter of minutes) I decided I needed to suck it up, and get over the fact that I’d completely messed up the visual aesthetic of my channel as a whole. After all, it’s all about the relevancy of content for the audience and how they engage with it!

“Your content is like chip paper. It’s 100% disposable”

In a matter of days, my so-called mistake will no longer be noticeable by visitors to my page. The frequency of content posting and the speed at which the digital world is moving turns your content into chip paper. It’s only relevant (and often seen) in the moment. After that, it’s not important.

Once you realise this, you’ll soon understand that creating content is easy and that engaging your audience is simply a matter of listening to what they’re saying.

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