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The number one thing you need to know about creating content for your business is that you are your own best storyteller!

Time & money are the biggest road blocks when it comes to creating regular content

A lot of time gets wasted in businesses large and small when it comes to planning content, with the two biggest issues being time & money when actually creating it!

While spending time planning your content is really important for some projects we find that it’s not always necessary. For example spending just 2 minutes in front of the camera talking about what you know best can be the starting point for up to 16 pieces of usable social content!

Now don’t get me wrong, spending time creating a content plan & strategy is VITAL. But with the high demand for fresh content in today’s digital age it’s time to get smart about how you create your content and be the best storyteller you can be.

I myself am a big culprit of potentially not doing enough planning when it comes to video blogging. In fact most of my topics come off the top of my head when the camera comes out!

If you’re struggling to plan your content? Just think about the following:

  • what are your frequently asked questions?
  • are there any news stories within your industry that you could comment on?
  • do you find yourself discussing the same thing over and over with clients or prospects?
  • are there any knowledge bites you could share with your audience?

Once you’ve got your topics down-pat, simply jot down a couple of key bullet points that’ll keep you on track during your video blog.

Then when it comes to talking to the camera envisage that you’re talking to a friend rather than a lens!

You are your own best storyteller. No one else can set tell a story like you can so really make the most of your knowledge and your own assets when it comes to creating content .

Remember that your audience want:

  • you to be authentic, and
  • your content to be relevant,

If you really feel you need to script your video blogs by all means go ahead. However, my recommendation would be to stay away from that as it can make you appear really robotic on camera!

When it comes to being your own best storyteller remember:

  • tell your brand story in your own authentic voice,
  • be proud about the knowledge you have and are sharing

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Check out the video: Being your own best storyteller