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First of all, what is event marketing?

Marketo defines event marketing as:

“…the process of developing a themed exhibit, display, or presentation to promote a product, service, cause, or organization leveraging in-person engagement.”

Keep in mind that when we talk about events we include ones taking place online as well as physical events. Online events are webinars, live feeds, podcasts and the like. Physical events include trade shows, conferences, concerts – currently they are at the forefront of event marketing.

Events offer a unique opportunity for brands and organisations to showcase their business and personality, educate their customers and engage with them on a different level.

Giving customers an alternate experience of your brand can make a lasting impression and have a number of benefits.


Reach specific audiences


If you want to reach a specific market, events are a great way of getting seen and heard. Events are targeted at particular groups, with particular sets of interests, so getting involved can assist in getting the attention of your target market.


Customer interaction and engagement


Events offer a great opportunity to meet and interact with your customers and get them engaging with your product or service. You can showcase your brand offering, its perspective and personality in a different setting, whether it’s at a physical event or online.



Branding opportunities and exposure


A key reason for you to get involved in events is to build brand awareness and align yourself with other brands in the industry. Events can offer a number of different branding opportunities that can be invaluable. By hosting an event you can also create branding opportunities for yourself and other organisations.


Generate leads copy

Lead generation is another significant benefit to event marketing. People find it easier to connect with and remember sensory experiences. Participating in a physical event is a fantastic way to generate leads, however you need to provide an experience that your customers are likely to remember and engage with.


Customer insight and feedback

Events are also a great place to collect some insight and feedback from your potential and existing customers. Questions may arise that you hadn’t thought of before or suggestions might be raised about existing processes, product or service offerings, or customer needs. By listening to your customers at events, you can make a real difference to your brand.



shaking hands

Making new connections is a major benefit of event marketing. When you are in a room (or hall or stadium) full of likeminded people, who knows what can happen?! You might meet your most valuable customer, a new collaborative partner, a future sponsor or investor, the man or woman of your dreams… Anything is possible!

In case of a physical event, make sure you don’t underestimate the number of staff you’ll need and be memorable by providing a unique experience, offering or activity on the day.

In the online world, get creative and make your content interesting, valuable and sharable.


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