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With video increasingly taking centre stage in marketing strategies, it’s important to note that length matters.

As attention spans are getting shorter, the length of time brands have to capture attentions gets shorter as well. Logic then dictates that the shorter the video the better.

Unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all solution to video marketing content.

There are, however, some helpful guidelines that we can all learn from when we’re thinking about our video content.

Visible Measures found that videos have 10 seconds to grab the attention of the audience and if, by 30seconds, you haven’t engaged them, you’ve lost 33% of them. The lesson here isn’t necessarily about the length of your video, but what you do with it in the first 10 seconds!

But then we are faced with a myriad of questions:

  • What type of video are you planning?
  • Where will it be viewed?
  • Who is the intended audience?
  • What do you want them to do?

We’ve put together a quick length guide to three types of videos to help you with your content.

Social videos

(6sec to 1min)

By nature, social videos are short. They are shared on social media platforms like Vine, Facebook, Instagram and Google+., with audiences preferring shorter videos.

Your social video length can be determined by the platform you use – Vine allows six-second videos and Instagram has a 15 second limit, whereas Facebook and Google+ have limits of 20 and 15 minutes respectively.

Ideally your social videos should only be between 6 seconds and 1minute long to make sure that it is watched in its entirety, depending on the platform.

Example: Jobs the movie trailer on instagram

Testimonials and Case studies

(90sec to 2mins 30sec)

These types of videos are for audiences who want to find more information about a brand or a product, so they will be willing to sit through more than 30 seconds. While this is great, it doesn’t mean that we need to waste their time.

Keeping testimonial and case study videos between 1 and 2 minutes will more likely keep viewers watching till the end and will force you to only include key and persuasive information.

Example: Slack

Instructional videos

(30sec to 90sec)

Instructional videos need to be succinct and easy to digest. The shorter the better! However, you need to make sure that all vital information is included. 30 to 90 second videos will keep your viewers interested and informed.

Example: Views on Top