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Camera Stabilisation Options

This week on Deli Bytes, Ali gives us tips on camera stabilisation options.

Check out the video above or on YouTube and if you like it, share it! We also summarised the tips below, so have a read if you don’t have time to watch.

In the past to get a smooth and stable shot you need a expensive and complex steady camera system. These days  stabilisers have been taking over the scene and have become a considerably cheaper and even preferential choice to Videographers. Shooting a smooth and professional moving shot have never been this easy and affordable.

Here are some great stabilisers options for shooting:

Mobile phones Stabilisers

If you are a phone shooter then mobile phones stabilisers is a nifty equipment to add to your collection!

These rage anywhere between AUD 150 to AUD 400 online, and have adjustable holes for different phones shapes and sizes. They are perfect for running video making, easy set up and function and they amplify even the most amateur video makers.


If you are a GoPro shooter, fear not!

There are alot of stabiliser out there for GoPro cameras including GoPro’s very own integrated systems with the GoPro Grip. The really great thing about this is the GoPro stabiliser can seamlessly unmounted and mounted onto other GroPro accessories like the drone and body mounts.

So you can get steady shots of all forms with a GoPro.

DJI OSMO Plus Stabilizer

If you are after for a more self-contained camera and there are also stabilisers with built in cameras available on the market.

The DJI OSMO Plus here is specifically designed camera capable of shooting Full HD to 4K.
It weights to 21 grams and lightweight system perfect for social video. There is a joystick and an arm attachment for your phone to sit in uses to display for shooting and it’s easy to use to adjust the settings as well.

There are tons of options depending on what your needs are and just have a look online and see what suits you best.