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Client Case Study – The Power of Social Video Content

Shopback Australia Client Case Study - Deli Agency

ShopBack’s marketing video delivers bang for buck

After launching in Australia in May 2018, ShopBack faced the challenge of introducing themselves to the Australian market in a way that removed the scepticism of their seemingly too-good-to-be-true cashback service.

ShopBack approached the Deli Agency to come up with a video production concept that would excite and intrigue Australian millennials into wanting to find out more about ShopBack for themselves.

The objective of the promotional video was to to raise the brand awareness of ShopBack Australia, but it also needed to educate their Australian target market on how ShopBack could legitimately provide cashback to users at no cost, when online shopping.

It was also essential to consider that this would be the first professionally produced video for ShopBack Australia, and the video would set the mark for how the brand was represented in Australia.

So while the Deli Agency had creative freedom in video production, there was also some pressure to ensure the finished product made an impact and reflected the young and fun nature of ShopBack.

The impact Shop Back’s video has made so far

ShopBack Australia’s launch video received over:

  • 1,182,000 impressions and over 730,000 views on YouTube
  • 104,550 impressions on Facebook
  • 760 post engagements on Instagram

What the client thought

“Everything went as planned, Deli were to the dot with timing and they really prepped the talent well. Everything went super smoothly” – Emily Lam, Marketing Manager, Shopback

“We really wanted to promote ourselves as a really fun and young brand, but there was also the education element. Deli really understood what we wanted out of the project, and they delivered it.”

The video production process and the final product

Aiming for a light-hearted and engaging video, the creative thinkers at Deli Agency came up with a concept that followed the storyline of a young woman who stumbles across ShopBack while watching television as her boyfriend sleeps beside her.

She discovers she can earn real money when shopping, and from there, her ‘love affair’ with ShopBack grows as she spends more and delightedly sees money shooting out of her phone, iPad and laptop to fill her living room. After all, who doesn’t love getting money back when they can?

Our considered approach to planning and video production strategy helped ShopBack:

  • break into the Aussie market in a highly relatable and interesting way
  • maximise their video budget, which was lean, as they were just starting up in the Australian market
  • generate hype and interest among existing audiences and fans

See the final product…