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Learn from the first company in Australia to use Snapchat on-demand geo-filters!

The Journey

At the end of April, Snapchat announced they were opening an office in Sydney. Within 72 hours of this announcement, on Monday 2nd May the Deli Agency team took to Martin Place to raise awareness for the launch of Snapchat’s on-demand geo-filters in Australia. The first agency in Australia to do so!

From 6 – 9am Martin Place was graced with a new Rise & Grind Snapchat filter. Raising both awareness of the platform in general & the potential of Snapchat for Business.

Watch the video to see how the campaign rolled out….

Within hours of us rolling out the campaign our filter had been used hundreds of times, and within 24 hour of launching our campaign video we had over 3000 organic hits!

As the first company to use on-demand geo-filters here in Sydney, we’ve become the go-to agency for Snapchat knowledge & training!

Learn From Us

With over 10bn views per day & over 3m daily active users in Australia alone – it is the most opened app on smartphones right now!

Unlike other social media, Snapchat is an uninterrupted storytelling & engagement based platform that does take time to master, but once mastered it’s the most authentic way to connect with your clients & customers.

The Deli Agency are here to help guide you through how & why you should use Snapchat for business, teaching you proper use of the platform & how to start driving real results.

Why trust us? These are some results we have delivered for others:

  • $11,000 Sales in 10 days, and
  • Six Figure Deal in 5 minutes
  • New levels of customer engagement & trust

We are excited to help you master Snapchat for business and stay ahead of the curve!

Learn how to use Snapchat for Business: Book a training session

Why use Snapchat for business?

(For starters Australia is home to 3% of Snapchat’s global users!)

Vertical video and mobile consumption are big trends emerging in 2016 & to stay active in front of your customers it’s important to stay ahead of the competition.

Here at the Deli Agency, it’s our job to keep you informed and educated around the latest changes and developments in social media, and Snapchat is one of the fastest growing platform right now.

With over 10bn views per day & over 100m daily active users consuming 25 – 30 mins of content each and every day, this unique platform allows you to engage with you audience in a new, raw and authentic way.

We are living in the age of the consumer where ATTENTION is the currency, and Snapchat allows you to tap straight into your customers at a time that suits them.

One thing is certain, Snapchat isn’t going anywhere, and the platform has a range of unique ways to build your brand presence and deliver some really impactful attraction marketing.

It’s a fact that Millennials are one of the hardest consumer groups to market too, but Snapchat has found a way to capture and retain their attention – So why not tap into that?

Let the Deli Agency teach you how to: STOP INTERRUPTING & START ENGAGING & learn how to properly utilise Snapchat for business.

Contact us today for a tailored Snapchat training session!


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