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Picking a suitable interview location for a piece of video content is more than just selecting an empty room – there are a lot of things that need to be considered!

With the demand for interview content high at the moment, here are our top things to consider when choosing an interview location:


The first thing you need to think about is space. The location you pick needs to have enough room to fit:

  • lighting behind & in front of the subject,
  • the subject themselves either standing or sitting, plus
  • the camera & videographer

In essence you need the location to be bigger than a broom cupboard!


You need to consider the lighting in terms of the shadows it casts on faces & under the eyes. Whilst videographers bring their own lighting with them, you need to keep in mind that both big windows and artificial lights can be problematic.

The best you can do is find a space that is relatively neutral in lighting so that the videographer doesn’t have to fight an up-hill battle and can deliver you a quality video.


Audio quality is key for a quality video; so the space you pick needs be as quiet as possible.

Listen out for noisy air conditioners, talking co-workers or moving traffic when picking your interview location. Take time to stand in the space for a few minutes before deciding upon it and listen out for any noises.


Consider whether there’s a space that has company branding visible as this can often be a fantastic back-drop for interviews. Incorporating company branding into your video content provides consistency across all video, print & digital brand content.


For best results, choose a location ahead of time that ensures your interviewee looks and sounds the best they can!

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Video: Picking a suitable interview location