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Client testimonials can be one of the most effective ways of selling your services and connecting with your customers.

When itʼs done well it works wonders and can really leave a lasting impression.

But there are 5 important things to keep in mind when producing a client testimonial video.

1. Tell A Story

Anyone can get in front of a camera and talk about the experience theyʼve had, but a testimonial has more weight when a connection is formed.

If you can get your customer to tell a personal story of how your product/service impacted them; this will encourage others to want to experience the same or similar.

2. Donʼt Script Anything

Nothing destroys authenticity more quickly than a scripted testimonial.

Donʼt get me wrong, having an outline and overall plan is paramount and having the questions prepared is essential but too much planning can be overkill.

Allow your customer to speak freely, and ensure theyʼre comfortable in front of the camera by reminding them that youʼll be professionally editing the video and cutting out any parts that didnʼt flow naturally.

3. Make It Atmospheric

No one wants to watch a bunch of talking heads, so think about your filming environment to ensure your video has an atmosphere.

Shy away from filming in front of a plain white wall and instead use the interior or little details located through the locations as a back drop.

4. Be Specific

Where possible before and after testimonials show a clear & dramatic result from your product or service, and are often the most basic yet honest of testimonials.

Donʼt waffle or ramble. Be clear and concise in the message youʼre delivering – a short, well-executed demonstration of a product or service can be very persuasive.

5. Keep it short & sweet

When shooting, we recommend that you capture as much content as possible within the filming time allocated.

But when it comes to the final video in post production less is most certainly more. The best testimonials are comprised of short interview snippets interspersed with visual content.

Keeping it short and snap with keeping your viewer’s attention and leave them both interested and curious in your product or service.

If youʼd like some help planning and/or filming client testimonials donʼt hesitate to get in touch here!