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Content marketing is the act of regularly creating and curating valuable content and distributing it across your social media and online platforms with the purpose of attracting a defined audience for your business. It’s an ongoing process that focuses on the ownership of media rather than the rental, and has the intention of changing or enhancing your consumer’s behaviour and raising brand awareness. With the advent of the new technological age, traditional marketing is increasingly becoming harder to implement – many people are streaming TV through services like Netflix, iTunes and Foxtel Go, alleviating the prospect of television advertising succeeding. Consumers are also becoming more and more intuitive regarding banners, buttons and click-bait online, so marketers are looking to a more clever and relevant way to market their products.

Content marketing works off the premise that to market effectively, you don’t need to constantly pitch your products and services.

It works off the belief that by providing consumers with valuable, helpful insights into the industry, they will finally reward us with their loyalty, business and word-of-mouth.

Helping, entertaining and educating your audience to build their trust makes content marketing one of the most important facets of your content strategy.

Most consumers search online for information about a brand, product or service before ever making a purchase. And one of the ways they’ll find your brand is if you boost your online presence through the creation of online content. By creating your own content, it will improve your online presence and the engagement with your target demographic. The aim is to have people seek out and share the content you have created.

Content marketing gives consumers a reason to like you, and to buy from you.

Whether you write a blog post or create a video, your audience will gain value from the content you create and share with them. When they’re engaged in your content, they’ll see that you’re not just interested in making a sale but that you’re also interested in bettering their lives, entertaining and/or educating them. Once this happens, your brand will be looked upon as the ‘entertainer’ or ‘expert’ and your consumers will think of you next time they want to buy the products or services you offer, simply because your brand will be front of mind.

With that in mind, it’s vital that you ensure your content is of the highest quality. And there are no cutting corners – articles must be well-written, infographics must be designed well and videos must be of professional quality. If you decide to develop a drama series, it has to have great writing and high production values. People are used to top quality on all platforms these days so you can’t skimp on that. If you can’t afford it, you are better off not doing it at all, as bad or cheap-looking content can do immeasurable damage to a brand.

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