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Think about the customer experience and the customer journey, what is it like for a customer or a potential client trying to find your details ?

It’s really important in business to ensure that all of your contact details online are kept up-to-date.

Today alone I’ve had three major incidents with three different websites. One of hire service, one a social media platform, and the third a mobile service provider.

The first issue I faced today involved booking a rental car, where I was presented with an error message, leading me to believe my booking had not been transacted. As such, whilst pushed for time, I decided to use Uber instead. Then as I opened my phone to access Uber – I realised  I had a text message & upon opening this text message it was a confirmation of my booking with the previous rental service.

Had I missed this text message I would not only have paid for my own car but also the car rental, hardly an ideal situation.

The second issue with the social media platform revolved around somebody claiming to work for our business who didn’t. As you can imagine this was a major concern as they were purporting to be a member of staff for an organisation whom I represent.

As a matter of urgency I wanted to remove this individual from being listed as a member of staff, however the platform has no simple way for me to do this or even to report that this was an issue.

A short Google search later I found two phone numbers for the organisation, both of which I rang with no success. Which serves as a great reminder of the importance in checking your online details for your business on a regular basis.

Just imagine the customer journey thinking they can contact you via the phone for a quick answer, when in fact it just leads to further frustration.

#ThinkLikeAFan – Brian Fanzo AKA @iSocialFanz

The final issue today involved a customer service representative following business protocol after my reports of a damaged device. Upon ringing the organisation, I was told that none of the information that I had previously entered on the website, as per their instructions, was actually available to this representative at the time of my call. As you can imagine I was somewhat unimpressed, as was the representative I was dealing with, as he confirmed that this was an ongoing issue.

This highlights the importance as a business owner of speaking to the operatives within your business around recurring issues in order to offer a higher level of customer service. Without knowing the issues it is impossible to fix them, and it is the operatives of your business who are best informed to provide this information.

The customer journey; Stay Visible, Stay ValuedStaff advocacy is one thing, operational staff on the other hand are massively underrated as a business asset and opportunity to improve all in-built business procedures.

In today’s business world, it is important to leverage every available tool to stay ahead of your competitors & staff feedback is one of the most underused tools in any business!

So my question to you is…

What action are you taking today and every day to continually improve your business?

The customer journey; Stay Visible, Stay Valued

Think about the tools that you already have a new business with other staff feedback feedback forms on the website or other things, but most importantly take action and listen.

Remember time is money; and we all only have 24 hours in the day, make them count.

As I write, or more importantly dictate this into my iPhone on the go, after all time is money, I’m stood inside the Apple Store in Sydney – A firm believer in Apple’s philosophy of consumer first. Always thinking about the end user and how you can improve the experience for them at every stage of their journey.

Despite his many flaws this is one thing that Steve Jobs instilled in the business from the ground up;

Always help the customer at any opportunity and anyway you can.

Today despite not being able to see me for an appointment the manager offered me a solution to my problem. It was not the ideal solution it was a solution nonetheless to solve my media problem; an example of great customer service hats off once again to Apple.

‘Forget show me the money, I think about show me the love.’

So many businesses today are ready to take your money for goods or services, but then forget the importance of customer service beyond the purchase.

The crazy thing about this is that the customer journey customer experience is the easiest way to create new purchases, either by the use of themselves, or by them recommending you to their friends and colleagues.

Today I implore you to review your processes, speak to customers, listen to your employees, and take positive action to improve the customer journey in any way you can; it is far easier and more cost-effective to retain a customer than it is to acquire a new one.

Do something amazing today; look after your customers and your employees.

If you need some help on where to start with this process, speak to Tristan or Becca from the Deli Agency. They will both be more than happy to have a quick chat, and see you on the right path to improving your business immediately!

Alternatively you can engage them to strategise and analyse all of your business processes, helping you to identify ways in which to improve the customer journey.