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Deli Agency Update 2018

By June 13, 2018Blog


Hello and welcome to the newly revamped Delibytes. Now, Delibytes is going from weekly two-minute videos to a monthly more in-depth newsletter straight to your inbox. We’re still going to be showing you videos, but it’s going to go behind the scenes and a bit more in-depth of all the projects we’re doing here at the Deli and how actually you’d work with a video production company and what’s happening in the industry as a whole.

Now, for those of you that have loved Delibytes in the two-minute video snippets, we’ve actually moved that over to Vlog School. So if you haven’t caught up yet, the Vlog School is our new business arm. It’s a sister of the Deli Agency, and it’s aimed to teach and educate individuals, entrepreneurs, and business owners how to actually film and edit their own content or do DIY, work with freelancers, work the production teams. But all those small individual short two-minute videos are now over on Vlogged at the Vlog School.

So below in the newsletter, there’s a little bit more about the Vlog School. If you want to keep receiving those two-minute snippets straight to your inbox, please do hit that link, and we’ll make sure that you get that delivered on a weekly basis.

For those of you that also don’t know, the Deli Agency has moved. We’re now in Pyrmont Studios, so we’ve actually got our own film studio right here in Pyrmont, which is super exciting. So if you’d love to learn more about the new Delibytes, working with us as a production team, the Vlog School, or coming to check out the studio, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We’re super excited to share all this exciting news with you and really grow the company from a production perspective on every level to help you at whatever level you’re at when it comes to creating video content.

That’s it from me this week, or this month I should say now that we’re doing monthly video. Please do enjoy the newsletter. Check out our website on a regular basis as we will be blogging and sharing some awesome content. So we’ll see you next time!