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In today’s digital world you’re setting yourself up to fail if you don’t have some form of digital marketing strategy.

Don’t get me wrong, even the most experienced digital marketers can sometimes get it wrong and not all digital campaigns yield successful results; but itʼs these minor mistakes (and constant platform algorithm changes) which enable us to constantly tweak and improve.

If youʼre thinking of going it alone itʼs the big mistakes, unwittingly made, that can cause crushingly irreversible damage to your brand and can cost you big time. Here are a few digital marketing mistakes you should 100% avoid committing.

Building a website you like

A website is your online persona, and should be treated as though itʼs your number one digital weapon.
Itʼs one of the first things a prospect sees when theyʼre researching you, and itʼs vital that you remember the #1 reason for having it – communication!

Your website shouldnʼt be built for you; it should be build with your customer in mind. It should be functional, clear, personable and mobile friendly. Which leads us onto the second biggest mistake….

Forgetting to be mobile

Just last year Google rolled our a world-wide mobile-friendly algorithm update which essentially means that Google favours websites that are mobile-friendly on their mobile search results.

(You can check out whether your site passes the test here.)

Overlooking social media

Think of it like this – if your website is your online persona then your social media is your online personality.

Through the power of social media you can create a community of users who share the same interests and behaviour, which really helps when it comes to sharing targeted content.

Make sure you engage back with your audience – reply to comments, say thank you, use emoticons and ‘@‘ tag.

Making it too complicated

You need to give your target audience an amazing customer experience – always. We are in the era of customers, and a great digital campaign understands the customer’s needs and thought processes.

Donʼt make your audience click more buttons than they have to or fill in a form longer than necessary – keep it simple.

Too many promotions

Everyone loves a good promotion, but sometimes there can be too much of a good thing.It’s been proven that people desire things that are ‘limitedʼ.

Giving out frequent promotions or discounts could quite possibly have the opposite effect – customers tend to be less motivated because they know, based from your past marketing, that you’ll have another promotion soon.

Ensure your promotions create a sense of urgency – offer limited-time deals that will spark your customers interests and motivate them to act quickly.