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During our time filming at Gravity Co-Working Sydney with Springboard Enterprises Australia last week, we found ourselves in the company of Janine Pares, Director of ThinkSmart Marketing and decided to pick her brain on Digital Marketing.

Given that Team Deli spend a lot of time talking about how to maximize content in terms of creating social content from just one piece of video, I thought it was worth having a chat to Janine with regards to the actual strategy that needs to be put in place before you start creating any content at all.


What would you say is the number one thing to be thinking about ?

Well what I’d start with is, by just sharing a little insight in that what we know now by serious decisions.

Some recent research shows that actually sixty to seventy percent of content goes completely unused,

and so what that tells us is a lot of people are spending an awful lot of time and money and effort creating content. And not using it and the reason they’re not using it is usually because they actually don’t have a clear strategy in place.


What would be your top recommendations for starting a digital marketing strategy?

The key thing that we encourage clients to do is think about a number of things that need to be considered with strategy.

First and foremost is obviously the audience – really understanding your key audiences, knowing what your channel strategy is. Then comes knowing how audiences behave on different channels – what purpose you want your different channels to actually play as part of your content mix.

Next it’s time to look at how you want people to move through your different channels, and what your amplification strategy is. It’s all great to have lots of content but if it’s not being seen by a lot of people, then it’s all for no good.

There are a number of different things that go into strategy, and it can be as big or as kind of tight as it needs to be dependent on the client and the audience. So for someone thats just started business and is relatively time poor, they’re trying to do stuff themselves because they’re bootstrapped. But you know don’t just jump in and start creating stuff.


What would be your number one take-home thing for people to really start making the most of their content?

What I would do is if they’re small and starting out is don’t try and be everywhere at once, actually just focus on the one or two channels that really make a difference to your audience.

Who’s your primary target audience and where do they consume their information? Focus on that channel and the type of content that works on that channel. And finally, what are the things that you care about and your audience cares about? The intersection of those two things is the content that you should be creating.


DeliBytes is Deli Agency’s knowledge hub, and we really want to make sure the content we’re putting out is helpful to you. So if you’ve got any questions you want us to answer that’ll help you in your business, you can get in touch with us on all social platforms using the handle @TheDeliAgency.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping in the future.