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Sometimes working in the office can be a tedious process especially if there’s silence amongst co-workers. There’s not enough coffee for you to stay awake nor is it easy for you to stay silent when all you want to do is tell someone what you got up to during the weekend. When it comes to facing repetitive tasks especially where lots of paperwork is involved, it becomes a challenge to focus and stay concentrated on a specific task. You begin wondering when the day will be over or what you’re going to eat next. All these questions that pop up in your head send you in a cluttered state and before you know it, your productivity levels begin to dwindle.

So in what way can you keep the ball rolling when it comes to being productive at work? Surprisingly, listening to music can increase your productivity immensely! Here are reasons why music can help get through the day and the potential benefits it could do to your workplace and as a self-working individual!

Music can act as a deterrent for people taking sickies.

Did you know that music has the power to increase productivity in the workplace and could potentially act as a deterrent from people taking sickies? It’s because music is an incredible mood booster and can help people feel at ease when they’re listening to their favourite tunes. According to MusicWorksForYou, employees in the workplace with an appropriate setting are more likely to enjoy music while working, boosting their staff morale. Like a cup of coffee, music is a people pleaser and will ensure that the productivity levels in the workplace are profound.

Music can help make boring tasks more enjoyable.

I mean, paperwork is boring right? How can we can make it less boring? Listening to music that you enjoy can help you become more productive when it comes to tackling repetitive tasks. Obviously, you may need to hit the pause button when you’re learning something new but when it comes to working on tasks that seems like a chore to you – by all means, go listen to whatever music you like. Even better, listening to music while doing groveling tasks can make you finish things at a much quicker speed and that’s an added bonus towards your productivity!

What you add to your work mixtape – make sure it’s music that makes you feel like doing things!

Everybody has personal preferences when it comes to music that makes you feel productive but essentially, it’s best to choose songs that you’re familiar with rather than listening to songs that are new and fresh. According to A Medium Corporation, listening to your favourite type of music can lower tension levels in the workplace. Often if you listen to new music, it can distract you because maybe the song is amazing and you begin to look up said band/artist except you have all this paperwork you need to do. This won’t do you any good if you want to be productive. Music does increase your productivity if you choose a clever mix of songs that flow well and help you become motivated when it comes to doing certain tasks. Certainly, it can help you increase your focus and motivation so be careful how you curate your Spotify playlists!

Overall, everyone loves music and let’s face the simple truth – it’s a privilege in itself if you let your employees listen to some tunes while they work. Not only will this enrich their progress but they have something to look forward to when they go into work and this will in return make them even more productive. Happy listening!