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SheBusiness, a women’s business development resource, hosted their annual business event, Fearless, in December 2015. The Deli team was there to capture the highlights and create an event video to showcase and promote it in the future.

Hosted by SheBusiness Founder, Suzy Jacobs, Fearless brings together women from all industries for a high-energy, inspiring experience that nurtures and cultivates learning, sharing knowledge and supporting women.

“Fearless means courage, action and purpose” Paula Kensington, Regus

In 2015, attendees were treated to keynote speakers of the highest calibre.

Matina Jewell, one of the most awarded females in Australian military history, spoke about overcoming extraordinary challenges and debilitating injuries she suffered during a peacekeeping mission in Lebanon.

Karen James, who built a 10,000-strong community of women at Commbank among other amazing achievements in the corporate world, explored the idea of matching head to heart and addressed questions around purpose and building an organisation with humanity at its heart.

With an unmistakable flaming pink mohawk, Lucy Perry took the stage by storm and left the audience in fits of laughter that resulted in sore cheeks and bellies. As the former founding CEO of The Hamlin Fistula Foundation, Lucy raise $7M for a network of hospitals and a midwifery school in Ethiopia.

Fearless women from across Sydney left the event feeling full of energy and a sense of purpose.

To make sure that attendees and SheBusiness members were kept engaged in the days after the event, The Deli Agency delivered an event video featuring the highlights of Fearless within 24 hours. The video was published and shared across a number of social media platforms the day after the event.

If you’re a woman in business, find out more about SheBusiness and Fearless now!

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