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It takes a lot of planning and resources to create and execute a successful event. This is why often event videography is either forgotten about or brushed to the side as unimportant.

To highlight why this could be a costly move, we thought we’d bust a few myths and misconceptions about event videos. So here they are:

1. Event videos are not important for success

When people think of event videography, they automatically think of a guy running around with camera, recording parts of an event for a highlights reel.

In reality, event videos have a number of marketing purposes so they shouldn’t be labelled as unimportant. 

Event videos can be used to :
Promote and event and drive ticket sales
– Build excitement and buzz at the opening of your event
– Capture the most important moments of your event (highlights reel)
– Provide live feed during keynote presentations
– Engage stakeholders via social media through social videos
– Engage attendees and other stakeholders after the event, through recorded presentations and interviews

Still think they’re useless?


2. You just turn up and shoot

Just as you plan every aspect of an event, corporate event videographers take their time planning every detail of a video – whether it’s ‘just’ a highlights reel or the full shebang.

This is where you come in. You, as the organiser, are in the know of what parts of an event will be worth capturing for maximum impact – i.e.: keynote speakers, beautifully presented food, fancy drinks, breathtaking decorations or visual features, networking sessions and the like.

It’s important for you to be part of the planning process to prepare the videographer.

You can opt to have vox pops or more in-depth interviews done at any point as well. Think about people of interest attending your event. Will a well-conducted and thought-out interview add value to your audience?

Plan ahead and work with your videographer to maximise your event video content

3. It’s too expensive

The issue of cost can be very subjective. For large companies, a $30K corporate event videography budget is standard. For most other businesses, this is very expensive and just not justifiable.

But video can be affordable for most businesses.

You need to be realistic about what you want to achieve.

If you want a shiny high production intro video that will take a few days to shoot and edit, but have a limited budget – forget it.

When discussing the project with your videographer, be clear about what you need to have versus what would be nice to have.

We often work with businesses with tight budgets and knowing the essential needs of a client helps us fit video into their event marketing spend.

We also encourage our clients to plan ahead as much as possible, as delays can increase costs. Fitting as many shoots into one day will bring costs down and stretch your budget further.

4. Long turnaround time

Turnaround time of course depends on the project, however, we at The Delicatessen, can deliver first drafts within 24-48 hours.

This means that you’re able to engage your audience while your event is still front of mind. Be it social videos shared across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or highlights of a keynote presentation posted on YouTube…

…you can add immense value to your stakeholders through corporate event videography.

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