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Event videos are used for a variety of marketing purposes – they can generate interest before an event, create excitement and buzz at the start and promote the success after an event.

Video can and should be used at all stages of an event – it gets more traction, increases click through and open rates, increases time spent on a website and has higher engagement rates than text or images.


Promotional videos and teasers

To generate interest and drive ticket sales, planning ahead is key. A series of short teaser videos along with a 90 second promotional video will ensure that word about your event reaches the right audience.

Event videos are shareable and engaging, created specifically for websites and social media platforms. If you want to fast-track ticket sales and create hype around your event, video will get you there.


Intro Event videos

Start your event off with a BANG. The purpose of intro videos is to inspire, excite and create a specific atmosphere at the start of your event. Get your audience pumping and ready to get stuck into it through video.


Highlights videos

For people who couldn’t make it to your event, highlights videos are a perfect way to see what they missed out on (and prompt them not to miss your next event).

They’re also great tools for showcasing work and any special elements of events you’ve organised.

You can also conduct effective vox pops on the day. They can be used to gauge audience satisfaction or address a specific subject you would like to explore.

These can then be used as either separate pieces of content or edited into a highlights video.

Highlights videos are great pieces of content that can be shared across your social media channels and featured on your website and in your EDMs.


If your event features guest speakers, important presentations or talks, capturing these will provide invaluable pieces of content to share with your audience.

Full-length videos can be used as educational pieces and be shared with attendees after the event. Adding this kind of value for your audience is key to keeping them engaged after the event.

Central parts of a presentation can be edited into a short video and shared on social media to connect with people who weren’t able to attend your event.

This will highlight the value of your event and encourage audiences to attend the next one.
Check out some of the event videos we’ve done here:



Want video for your upcoming event?

Our extensive knowledge and experience means we can take care of all your video needs, at every stage of your event.

Thanks to our fast turnaround, we can help you stay front of mind with your audience and let you share event videos within 24 to 48 hours of your event.

Here at the Deli Agency, we make sure that our clients get the most out of their budgets. We help plan all aspects of event video coverage and make sure there is no room for surprises.

Our unrivalled turnaround time allow our clients to stay to stay connected to their audience, even after the event.

We work with you to create truly unforgettable events, creating videos that drive ticket sales, inspire action and captivate audiences before, during and after your event.

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