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On reading Garett Sloane’s article on AdWeek about Facebook’s forthcoming autoplay video feature it occurred to me that the advertising world has come a full circle, well almost.

Don’t get me wrong, the traditional 15 and 30 second advert spot is still live and kicking on free to air TV, but its value has diminished thanks to the wondering eyes of our audiences.

Attention spans are getting increasingly shorter, leading the focus to smaller mobile screens, and patience is getting thinner, with audiences now having the ability to fast forward the ads they don’t want to watch

The result? Serious pressure on advertisers to get it right!

So it’s unsurprising when you look at advertising on YouTube that the creative needs to engage the audience in the first couple of seconds otherwise when the five-second mark passes the advert will be ‘skipped!’

Cue social media giant Facebook – coming to the advertiser’s rescue but on their terms…

Their new functionality (due to launch in the US early February 2014) will allow advertisers to ‘interrupt’ the newsfeed of their targeted audience with a clever advertising video message or branded content (I would prefer the latter). The catch? The video content will have to be hosted on Facebook’s video platform. YouTube and Vimeo videos are still available, but they will have a link which you need to click in order to view it.

This is something that is not yet available, but will be a part of their next major upgrade that is being beta tested right now.

The autoplay option for videos in people’s news feeds has been a feature that has been a long time coming and marketers are keen to use the new feature on Facebook.

DDB’s Creative Chief Amir Kassaei said: “It’s a completely different category. I don’t know if anyone has an idea how to develop a social type of video format that is interesting. The format alone will not be enough; it’s about the content you have and relevance.”

As Creative Producer of The Delicatessen, I have to agree with Amir. By autoplaying videos shared directly on Facebook, the social network is cementing their place in the industry as the ‘best place of brands to upload their creative content.’

The Delicatessen would like to be one of the first to trial this new concept in Australia so if you are up for the challenge, call us to discuss a marketing campaign to fit this platform once it is released.