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With over 1 billion users, Facebook is a goldmine for marketers who need to reach a large amount of people economically and efficiently. The cherry on top of the social media cake here is that not only can your audience interact with you (and vice versa), but they can interact amongst themselves about your brand, slowly building you a loyal customer base and following. Brand loyalty is not something that can be bought and is something that needs to be garnered over time. In fact, the same goes for Facebook ‘likes’. Your Facebook marketing efforts won’t flourish in a day so it’s important to take each step as it comes.

Here is a short list of things you should and shouldn’t do when using Facebook to market your business to your customers:

  • Use Facebook to create brand awareness. Showcase your company’s visions and goals as well as why customers should head to you and not others. Facebook allows for a cost-effective method of increasing brand awareness.
  • Improve your brand loyalty using Facebook, organically marking consumers as brand spokespersons and champions. These people are invaluable – they will promote, share and defend your business of their own accord, become personally invested in your brand and always look for ways to be involved. Adventure video specialists GoPro were highly successful in doing this through YouTube – thousands upon thousands of viewers are sharing their own GoPro videos emblazoned with the GoPro tagline ‘Be a Hero’, providing valuable – and free! – marketing for GoPro.
  • Generate engaging content and your audience engagement will be deeper. Content can be anything from a guest blog, to a series of behind-the-scenes photos, to a video testimonial, to news about an event or award that your brand is involved with. This needs to be coupled with content shared from similar businesses or others’ content that is relevant and beneficial to your audience.
  • Facebook marketing is not just about the Facebook ‘likes’ – and if someone offers 5,000 ‘likes’ overnight, those aren’t the customers you want anyway. Generating genuine ‘likes’ requires dedication and effort and paying for new fans sometimes does more harm than good.
  • Don’t use Facebook to spam sales messages five times a day. Remember that it’s called social media marketing and it’s all about showing a human side to your brand. Connect with your audience on a human level and you’ll find they respond more strongly to the posts about your business.


There are a myriad of other smaller tips and tricks you should practice, but they aren’t as crucial as these five overarching tips. Follow our Facebook and Twitter feeds for a constant stream of social media marketing and video marketing tips, as well insights and tips from other agencies!