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As video is becoming more pervasive among all online channels, Facebook has stepped up its game. Publishers now have a variety of functions and features they can choose from when it comes to Facebook video.

Here at The Deli Agency we have created a 2-part blog series featuring the three most important Facebook video features and how to best utilise them.

In Part 1, we’re talking about 360-degree videos – what they are and how businesses can make use of them.

Facebook video – All 360-degrees of it

360-degree videos are recorded using special equipment where the camera has recorded every possible angle of the scene. They allow viewers to change camera angles while they’re watching. Specialised camera equipment, editing and stitching techniques are used to captivate viewers and allow them to be immersed in a given environment.

This interactive mode of viewing is great on a computer but is even more enhanced on a smartphone – you simply move your phone and the camera angles move with you. Get your hands on a Google Cardboard viewer for the full experience.

As Facebook itself suggests, 360-degree video is:

“A stunning and captivating way for publishers and content creators to share immersive stories, place and experiences with their fans.”

From a marketing perspective, 360-degree videos offer endless opportunities. Check out this video created to promote Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Here are our top suggestions for using 360-degree Facebook video for your business

Promote destinations & experiences

What better way to entice your audience than providing a 360-degree view of a breathtaking destination or a thrilling experience? If you’re in the travel or hospitality industry, these videos will increase interaction and engagement through your audience.

Check out this video by Qantas, promoting Hamilton Island.

Showcase new products

GoPro used the medium to promote their 360 equipment and showcase its capabilities through this surfing video.

But you needn’t be selling specialised equipment to take advantage of 360-degree videos. Car manufacturers can use it to give audiences an in-depth view of new release cars; real estate agents can feature new properties and brands can provide a behind the scenes look at their products.

Feature events

360 videos take event videography to the next level. Giving audiences the feeling of being present, companies can use the medium to add value to customers and reach audiences who couldn’t attend events.

Check out this video from Tomorrowland, a major music festival, used 360 feature to promote their 2014 event. Check it out!

Read some handy tips on how to create 360 videos here.