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This is part 2 of our 2-part series on Facebook videos. In this article, we explore the social media platform’s live video features and capabilities. 

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Live Video

Live video has been around since August 2015, but it launched as a feature only available to celebrities and public figures. In January 2016, after a successful trial with VIPs, Facebook launched the feature to the general public.

Live-streaming content provides businesses with the opportunity to reach larger audiences, attract additional followers and increase overall traffic. It also gives audiences a different way of experiencing certain brands, their products, and services.

Live video is proving to rather engaging, with Facebook reporting that:

“…people comment more than 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos.”

Since its launch, Facebook has extended the live video features and plans are in place to grow and evolve capabilities.

Facebook Live Video Features

Groups and Events

Facebook has rolled out live video for groups and events. This feature allows live video to be shared with members of a group or event and can be a great way to add extra value for stakeholders.

This feature is especially useful for event organisers, who can now arrange live broadcasts from events, sneak peeks from backstage, live-stream Q&A sessions with audiences, and create other value-add extras.

SIDEBAR: Currently group and event page managers can’t control who can post live videos on their pages. If settings are open for members to post comments they can also post live videos. Make sure you carefully consider the implications of allowing or blocking members from posting videos. While encouraging your audience to interact with your page is beneficial, moderating live video can be tricky and lengthy.

Facebook Live API

Step aside smartphone cameras! Users can now live-stream broadcast quality videos on Facebook, through a direct integration with Wirecast. The software allows people to use multiple cameras, graphics, effects, transitions and other professional capabilities. This will greatly increase the production value of videos across the platform.

Live-streaming high quality, eye-catching videos with graphics and effects will keep audiences with ever-shortening attention spans watching and engaged for longer.


Facebook provides immediate insights into the number of people who viewed your video live once you’ve ended a session. Through the Insights section, you can also access further analytics for your video, as below.

Live video metrics


Boosting a live video is not possible (yet!), but can be done once the session has ended.


Imagine streaming a live video and interacting with your viewers in real time! Facebook has introduced Live Reactions where your audience can select Love, Haha, Wow, Sad or Angry reactions, which will animate on top of the video in real time, then disappear.   


Facebook has introduced three new ways of making live video much easier to discover!

Users can now easily invite friends to watch live video together through an invitation icon on the video.

There is now also a dedicated place on the Facebook app where live videos live. You can discover live videos through trending topics and topics of interest as well as videos your friends are streaming or talking about.

Fans can also explore live videos in more than 60 countries through the Facebook Live Map on their desktop.

The Future

The social media giant has recently announced that they are working on In-stream advertising options for live video and they’re also rumoured to be developing a Snapchat-like camera app to encourage users to post more photos and videos.