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Where to find free sound effects?

This week on DeliBytes, David gives us a few pointers where to find free sound effects.

Check out the video above or on YouTube and if you like it, share it! We also summarised the tips below, so have a read if you don’t have time to watch.

Sound effects can be a really great way to up the production value of a video.

But sometimes people often struggle about where the source sound effects are particularly for free so a website that I would recommend is free sound.

So today I’ll just run you through a few pointers about that website and how to get the best out of it.

First thing you’ll need to do is create an account

You can’t really access any of the sound effects unless you do. All you’ve got to do is fill out the online form and you’ll be set to go then you just need to find the route sound effects.

Don’t get daunted by the quantity of affection on that website best thing to do is just use the search function and scour through until you find the best result.

Don’t be afraid to be specific, considering there are so many options available the more specific you are the more likely it is that you’ll find what you need as quickly as possible.


The other consideration is copyright each of the sound effects there will be some information on how the sound effect is to be used which is either attribution which means that whoever created it wants you to include reference or a link back to them in the finished product or attribution on commercial which has the same stipulations but can’t be used on any commercial videos, so that’s usually what we want to avoid or creative commons which is the safest option in my mind.

Creative Commons

Means that you can use the video commercially and you don’t have to give credit to the person who created the sound effect.

It’s usually best to throw the Creative Commons filter on when you’re searching through free sound, it just means that you don’t have to get wrapped up in all the hassle that goes with crediting somebody and trying to insert a credit into either into your video it’s so far into the description and sometimes that can get lost so the best thing to do is usually just to try to go with a Creative Commons sound effect if you have that option.


And then the final thing is just leave a “thank-you note” for whoever created this sound effect and if you can let them know how the videos being used. Everyone likes to know that what they’ve contributed is making a difference.