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Can I encourage you to ‘flirt with fear’?

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of attending the CommBank Women In Focus annual conference up in Noosa. 180 savvy, entrepreneurial & inspiring women in one room for 2 full days of learning, sharing & educating.

The theme of the conference was ‘Big Thinkers & Change Makers’; and though each day was packed with takeaways & actionable points then one phrase that caught my attention and has become both my personal & professional mantra is ‘flirt with fear’.


Now you may be wondering what on earth flirting with fear has to do with business; and the answer is EVERYTHING!

On an almost daily basis I find myself having conversations with business owners & marketers alike about their struggles with video content. Whether it’s how to use it, where to use it or what to say the underling constant to the whole problem is their inability to let themselves jump in and try something new. They simply haven’t given themselves permission to flirt with fear.

When it comes to using video for your business a lot of people over think it. For small business owners, it’s a struggle around what to say and a fear of getting in front of the camera. And for marketers, the struggle is usually around maximising small video budgets and having both the confidence & support to try something ‘new’ when it comes to social video.

In today’s digital market place, video is the number one currency. As with the social platforms it sits on, video is constantly evolving with new technologies and the most important thing you can do as a business is embrace the medium.

In fact the latest video stats shows:

  • By 2018, over 80% of the content you see online, is going to be video.
  • Blog posts incorporating video attract 3 times as many inbound links as blog posts without video.
  • Having video on the landing page of your site makes it 53% more likely to show up on page 1 of Google, and
  • The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video.

So whatever your industry, I encourage you to be brave & flirt with fear.

Step outside of your comfort zone. Get in front of the camera or take a punt on a pilot social video series. Don’t let your fear of video be the reason your business or brand falls off the radar!


Are you ready to flirt with fear & use video in your business? Get in touch with us today & book a video strategy session!