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Across the board corporates have a universal lack of understanding about what social can do. It’s almost seen as a bolt on rather than a communication channel in its own right. So where do we start in getting corporates understanding social?

Ask the right questions

The demand for constant content and the pressure for brand consistency often fuels the reluctance to try something new and explore a social platform.

Start by asking yourself the following about a social platform before jumping into it:

  • Where does social fit for your brand?
  • What’s the audience doing and where are they going?
  • Do you really need to be on all social platforms?

Speak the right language

Businesses large and small all fear social media in one way or another. While time and money are often at the top of the excuse list what it really comes down to is lack of knowledge – primarily by the decision makers!

Help get things across the line by demystifying the content and strategy plan and putting it in the most layman terms possible for the hierarchy within an organisation!


The common thread across big corporates is that we have to blow our own trumpets – because no one else is going to do it”

Stephen Arnold. Transformation Managers, Content &  Conversation, Woolworths.


Learn to be reactive

Reactive content is extremely hard – especially as a corporate. So whenever there’s two scenarios to a situation plan for both!

As a team, spend 30 minutes every morning researching trends and seeing what’s happening. Pitch your content collectively like a story, as though you’re putting together a magazine article.

Empower your social media team

Before you can empower a social media manager, the company needs to go on a journey to ensure there is a clear learning and process behind it.It comes back to people and purpose.

Social shouldn’t be owned by any one individual in an organisation. It’s a team game.


  • Let you social media team take educated risks,
  • Map out who’s role it is at every single piece of the process, and
  • Making people accountable every single step of the way.

Ask for forgiveness, not for permission – great attitude to have when it comes to creating social content

The appetite of social by corporates has changed over time; and the platforms have also changed dramatically. Whilst the process is likely to be a slow one, take baby steps in building the organization’s confidence in social for maximum impact and understanding.


Want help demystifying social content in your company? Talk to the Deli Team today.