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By the end of 2017, 90% of the internet will be video content so it’s no wonder that the demand for video content is getting higher. It can no longer be put in the ‘too hardʼ basket; and with advances in today’s technology the excuse of it being ‘cost prohibitiveʼ is now redundant.

Time and time again we see companies making videos without putting a thought into their video marketing – it’s not just a case of uploading it and you’re done. Just because you’re using video, it doesn’t mean you will reap the benefits.

Video marketing can’t be an afterthought. Videos need to be planned and well-thought out in order to succeed and better your ROI.

Here are our top 5 tips for getting ROI on your video marketing:


A clear, concise strategy is a must before launching into the video content
space. When planning your strategy think about:

• What would people want to know about your product or service?
• Whatʼs in it for your audience?
• What social platforms are your audience playing on?

Remember that a hard-sell won’t work on today’s audiences, so ensure that you’re strategy focusses more on the benefits of your product/service rather than the product/services itself.


Think about where your video is going to be hosted and what social platforms itʼs going to be shared on.

YouTube and Vimeo are usually the go-to platforms for videos that are going to feature on your website; yet the same style of video may not work on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat.

Thinking about your video distribution will most likely result in multiple re-edits of your video(s) that are platform specific.


People love stories. Especially stories told through a visual medium!
Stories have the ability to teach, to spark emotion and to help make sense of a problem or issue.

Using storytelling in your video marketing will engage and connect with your audience on a much deeper level. People will remember your video not as a piece of advertising, but as an emotional journey you took them on.


Once uploaded your video needs optimising to maximise itʼs exposure and your ROI, SEO ainʼt just for the written word my friend.
Your video(s) needs to be optimised for search engines, just like your website and blog posts.

Here are our top tips for video optimisation:

  • Title:
    A video’s title can grab people’s attention and if it includes keywords, will help search engines identify it as relevant.
  • Keywords:
    Use them in your title (preferably as first few words), description and tags
  • Platforms:
    YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine (and itʼs owned by the first!) – Embed videos from YouTube into relevant pages of your website to make Google’s job easier!


Many an opportunity has been missed by companies who don’t include a call-to-action (CTA) somewhere (usually at the end) in their videos. If your audience is captivated by your video, they will want to take action.

So be sure to determine what action will support your objectives and direct your viewers on what to do next. Remember to include a CTA to make your video marketing successful.