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You have finished your videos and they look amazing! Now all you have to do is upload them to YouTube and millions of people will see them…bzzzzzz. WRONG!

This does happen occasionally when a video becomes viral for one reason or another. Most of the time you can’t plan for it because there is no ‘proven formula’. There are plenty of blogs, videos and articles that explain what to do in order to make your video as popular as possible, but there is no magic button. Getting your video seen is not that simple.

Let’s pretend you haven’t shot your videos yet and backtrack to when you were just thinking about shooting a video for your business. You need to think about watchability. The video you produce has to be different, it has to evoke emotion – if your video is able to make the audience feel something, you are half way to making people want to share it and getting your video seen by more than just your circle of friends.


YouTube should definitely be your first point of upload for your video, as it is the worlds second largest search engine after Google.  It is also owned by Google, so when someone googles certain keywords  relevant videos will come up in the search results.

Create a channel on YouTube and make sure you’re branding is clear and noticeable. Promote your channel on your website, social media accounts, emails and all marketing communication. Let people know why it’s worth subscribing to. Think of it as your very own TV station/channel.


Then there is Facebook. Video has recently exploded on Facebook, since they introduced autoplay on mobile devices. Views are close to the numbers achieved on YouTube. This is a great opportunity and you should make sure your video is uploaded to Facebook and if you can afford it, you should advertise it so it really gets out there.


Vimeo is another platform where you should post your video. It is a fast growing platform, that mostly features professional looking videos and has no ads.


In order for people to find your video, they will have to search for it. Keywords are, as the word suggests, key to getting your content found. Your video will have to have main keywords in the title,  description and the tags section. In the title, the first two words are the most important. So if your company is called Simon’s Car Dealership, don’t call it Simon’s Car Dealership Promo Video. Put Cars For Sale at Simons Car Dealership in the title, because your potential customers will most likely be searching for ‘cars for sale’. Do your research and make sure you know your keywords!

The more places your video features on, the better chance you will have to getting your video seen. It will also be found quicker and easier through the keywords that you have used. Check out this list of 7 free video hosting websites where you can post your footage.

Be very active on all social media, like and comment on other peoples videos that are in the same category or field. Both YouTube and Facebook award you for being active.