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From spare bedroom start-up to a fully equipped film studio in the heart of Pyrmont, Sydney it’s safe to say we’ve had an amazing 5 years.

A few words from our CEO…

As an entrepreneur and business owner it’s never an easy road. If it was, I’m sure we’d get bored on it! But it sure is worth every step, tear and champagne along the way.

The past number of years has seen us work with some incredible brands, make some amazing friends and achieve some truely unimaginable things.

Some of my highlights along the way have been:

  • Filming in every Australian state from land, sea and sky,
  • Helping launch Shopback into the Australian market,
  • Creating ‘The Vlog School‘ – an online sister brand and video education hub,
  • Renovating and opening ‘Pyrmont Studio
  • Vlogging for Flight Centre in Hawaii (twice!)
  • Making a feature film!

I couldn’t have done it without Team Deli, and we all wouldn’t have been able to do it with you – our incredible clients, community and cheer leaders. Yes, we made a celebratory birthday video to showcase the highlights and I’ve shared my highlights as founder. Now it’s time for the team to share their number 1 highlight of their time with us.


David, Videographer / Editor

“My favourite part of working at The Deli has been the fantastic, talented people I’ve worked alongside. And the incredible locations around Australia (and the world) we’ve been able to see… and film!”

Ali, Videographer / Editor

“I’ve been tasked with many a fun, challenging, adventurous and exhilarating projects! There are countless that have left their mark. But my biggest highlight was creating the Shopback Commercial earlier this year. Being given the enormous responsibility of Shopback’s first official advertising in the Australian market was daunting but the creative freedom I was given, and the support of the team, to make it something special made it an experience I will never forget!”

Rachel, Account Manager

“My highlight for working with the Deli Agency is that no two days are the same! We have worked on some amazing project for some great clients that ave really allowed us to get creative! One project in particular would be the video we made for ShopBack. It was amazing to see the final product come together after a lot of hard work and planning”