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This week I’m going to be tackling a question we get asked here at the Deli Agency all the time… should I script my video?

So how do I script a video??

Well, as an avid user, I’m an advocate for teleprompters when the time is right.

The right time is either when you have big budgets and are using hired talent OR when you’re looking at creating a series of pre-recorded, piece-to-camera video blogs just like this one!

Scripting, and using a teleprompter, enables you to record multiple videos in one session which ultimately saves you both time and money during production.

For a 90 second video keep your script to approx. 100-150 words, and be sure to write it in short, concise sentences – you will after all be speaking it out loud in a conversation tone!

When shouldn’t you script a video?

Now we’ve covered when you should script, let’s explore the times when you really shouldn’t

These times include, but are not limited to, interviews and client case studies.

When creating these types of videos I strongly recommend that scripting is not top of your priority list, because memorising a script is ridiculously hard and in order to create a personable and authentic version of yourself (and your client’s) on video it’s better to go off cuff but on point.

The trick to staying on point is to note down three key bullet points to talk to or three key questions you can ask an interviewee.

Doing this means you won’t overthink your answers, and will ultimately come across on camera more relaxed, authentic and knowledgeable.

Want help with scripting (or creating) your video content, or you have a question about video that you’d like us to answer?
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