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Websites are a massive task to undertake. They (should) take loads of planning, heaps of creative and in some cases a lot of time to build. But how can you really increase website traffic?

Here are some simple things to keep in mind when trying to increase your website traffic:


Attractive design is number one, people want something that is visual, visually engaging. So make sure you’ve got an even balance of images, videos and text on your site.

Keep it fresh

Make sure you’ve got great fresh content, and are updating things on a regular basis. I’d recommend blogging at least once a week as a minimum. Try changing a couple of sentences and images on your landing page – regular visitors returning to your website will love it!


Spend time developing your brand tone of voice, design graphics that’s fit with your branding & send content out to your audience at the same time every week. Consistency is key.

Invite people in

Use your social media channels as multiple routes into your website. Use engaging CTA’s to encourage your audience to visit your website.


Intuitive navigation is a must. In today’s day and age time is people are time poor. Just make it easy for them to find their way around and get in touch with you.

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