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The reality is that you’re making television now.
Running a well curated live streamed, virtual event takes a lot more that just hitting ‘Go Live’ on Facebook, YouTube, Zoom or Teams. Ensure a quality experience for your audience by investing in expertise and production quality.

Whether you’re looking to stream a single keynote or a multi-day event, think about your event (aka “The Show”) in shorter segments. Try exploring interview segments, fireside chats, video snippets and interactive elements. It’s this attention to detail that will skyrocket your production and engage your audience beyond imagination.

Taking the time to nail the delivery in virtual format will help keep your attendees engaged and interested in your content.





“Producing a live event takes something known to be great,

and trying something new in order to be cutting edge.”




Needing to run your conference, kick-off meeting or summit virtually this year thanks to a global pandemic?

There’s a number of moving parts to pull of a successful live streamed event, plus the best virtual experiences are a mixture of live-streamed and pre-recorded content combined with audience interaction.

Remove any frustration or confusion, and bypass technical mistakes by working with us to deliver a next level virtual event for your organisation.


Discover what our virtual events can do for your business by downloading our latest case study from ACTIVATE 2020


“Due to COVID, I had  to rethink our annual company kick-off ‘ACTIVATE’. What was traditionally a physical event, was now 100% digital. I worked with Rebecca to create an event that stretched over 3 days and included 400 people in over 5 timezones. And we only had 8 weeks to deliver it in. This was a massive learning experience for me. Rebecca’s dedication and professionalism made this a game-changing event. Our company kick-off will never be the same again.”

Chris Britton
CMO, Objective


If you’re a speaker, facilitator or trainer needing to up your level of content delivery, to really drive impact and have an engaged audience then our virtual facilitation is for you. Take the pressure off yourself technically and present with confidence.

PLUS if you have a multi-day workshop to deliver you’ll get a FREE strategy hour with Rebecca to prepare.


Worried about your internet connection? Your camera quality? Or your ability to manage the technology? Let us take the pressure off and manage all of that while you get on with the good stuff – presenting!

...launching your new financial year through what many of us remember as the National Sales and Marketing Meeting, or Kickoff is an entirely new concept at the moment. Rebecca and her team were able to support and engage the relevant expertise to enable a range of conversations through our first ever Virtual Kick-Off Meeting. A massive task to get all aligned and flowing between your team and ours. Thanks for your commitment and enabling our team to have a positive experience. Greatly appreciated.

Travis StephensonHead of Sales, Cardinal Health

In a COVID World successfully shifting a large scale Medical Device kick off meeting from the time tested face to face model into a fully virtual event was a daunting prospect, fraught with risk. Bec and her professional team walked us through every step, translating our novice concepts into a high quality production, they got us through 4 days of multiple presenters, complex A/V transitions, and national live crosses to excited award winners with poise and calm. Every challenge was smoothly handled and nothing was impossible for Bec & her experienced crew.

Stuart HayesHead of Marketing, Cardinal Health

As the world changed, we at Constant evolved from delivering our Personal Safety Module face to face to virtual and live. Rebecca's guidance lead us through a pre "go live" test run, familiarising our team with the process, set and studio, enabling us to deliver our first live webinar without a hitch. Thoroughly recommend. Thanks Rebecca!

Natalia BukovskyNational Sales & Marketing Manager, Constant

I had been avoiding doing a video for an eternity despite knowing it would be very good for business. I needed an unintimidating environment in order to overcome my camera evasion and Rebecca provided that so that I was able to deliver phenomenally better presentation than I would have imagined possible.

Sally HartOwner, Clever Closet Company


I talk a lot about “putting on a show” when it comes to creating engaging live streamed events, but something you perhaps haven’t seen is the man power it takes to pull off such a seamless audience experience.

And you know what, even when everything is checked, double checked and triple checked things can still go wrong. In the event that this happens, you need to the support of professionals who can handle the situation calmly, and get you back up on the air without hassle or major disruption.

Producing a live event takes something known to be great, and trying something new in order to be cutting edge. Yes, there’ll be a few bumps in the road as you learn something new but with a brilliant crew, a talented bunch on set and everything will go off without a hitch!

The team and I look forward to working with you to produce your next live event.

Rebecca x