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According to Facebook, the answer is yes!

For years the attention span of audiences have been reducing, and conventional wisdom has dictated that online video should be short, snappy and on point. Yet recent changes in Facebookʼs algorithms for video prioritisation have the whole industry rethinking their next 30-second video for the platform!

We have been educated (and been educating) that when it comes to video for web, the shorter the video the better. Yet Facebook has recently issued the following message “We want your videos to be longer”, and we speculate the main reason for this is money.

Facebook is much more than just a social platform – it’s a news outlet to many and is home to heaps of high quality video content. And part of the way Facebook monetises video is through adverts. Yes adverts can be a pain, but online publishers need to make their money somehow.

Traditionally video advertising is seen upfront of a video, yet Facebook is experimenting with letting videos start without adverts and showing the adverts half-way through.

So unless you want your audience to be put through such things every few seconds, it is this that is making Facebook encourage longer form video.

But itʼs not all doom and gloom – the new algorithm will prioritise the visibility of videos that are watched further through; and the strategy that Facebook is now using could also benefit the quality of video that we see.

Such prioritising of content means that Facebook users will (or, at least hopefully) see not only more engaging video content when it appears, but more in-depth content, too!


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Want to learn more?

Facebook’s announcement of the changes can be found HERE.