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Master Video Files 101 | DeliBytes 44

Working with a professional video production company can be daunting, but it shouldn’t be. Here’s what to expect when viewing your master video files.

Hi, I’m David and welcome back to DeliBytes. At the Deli we do spend a lot of time answering questions that have very simple answers…

Sometimes the answer is simple…

The main reason for this is likely that most people don’t have the same experience in video that we do, and don’t use the platforms that we do every day, all the time. So I thought I’d use this round of DeliBytes to go through some basic troubleshooting questions and save everyone some time. Today I’m gonna focus on master video files in particular, and the issues that come up with those.

And in case you don’t know, a master video file is the final finished version of the video that we would send you after we’ve completed a project.

Problem #1 – My video looks weird.

So what if you receive your link and you find that the video looks weird?

The answer to this is usually that the file hasn’t been downloaded off whatever sharing platform we use, and they’ve been watching it within the website itself. You need to keep in mind that these are sharing platforms, like we use Dropbox to share our masters. And on Dropbox, it’s not made to show videos, so they’re just gonna show you a low-res proxy instead of the finished version.

So no matter how it’s being delivered to you, make sure that the video is downloaded onto you hard drive before reviewing it.

Problem #2 – My video won’t play.

The second complaint we quite often hear is that, “My master video won’t play back on my computer.”

A lot of this is typically due to the Mac PC conflict considering they have different file types, that sometimes don’t work on either platforms.

Creators like us will typically always use Mac, because Quicktime is becoming industry standard for video files. So if you do have a PC, there might be issues with playback with the master file, which is gonna be a big hefty file to manage.

Make sure that you’ve downloaded a programme like Quicktime Player itself, or VLC Player instead of using whatever native version has come within your Windows PC and give it a play there.

Problem #3 – My computer is struggling.

Sometimes if you have a very low spec computer that isn’t used to handling big files, that might also be the reason. So get on the most powerful computer you have before reviewing it. And one of the other common things we hear is, “I can’t access the file, “because of my company’s firewall.”

Unfortunately there’s nothing that we can really do about that, that’s something to speak to your IT team about.

If there’s absolutely no way that you can access the files that we send you, the other solution is for us to send you the file on a USB stick or something like that. You’re just gonna have to wait a bit of time for that to come in the mail, or otherwise you can come visit us at our office and pick it up in person.

That’s typically the only real solution. if you have a very very limited and secure platform that you’re working off.

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