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From native content and influencer channels to expiry dates and live streaming, when it comes to video content, marketers are using every tool in their kit.

Yet with an increasing demand for content, how do you ensure that youʼre creating video content that will work?

We all have the technology at our fingertips to become a video marketer, so letʼs explore how you can engage consumers and increasing marketing reach with video content.

Go Native or Go Home

Different platforms are used for different purposes and consumers donʼt want to see the same video on all of them.

Native content doesnʼt disrupt the user experience, so itʼs imperative that you create content tailored to the social platform you are putting it on.

Find an Influencer

Weʼre in middle of an influencer-marketing gold rush. And while influencers have always been an important part of marketing, the rise of social media has meant theyʼve become one of the most effective ways to reach customers and clients.

Using an influencer gives you the opportunity to create a word-of-mouth buzz about your brand through personalities that consumers already follow and admire. Take the time to source an influencer that suits your brand, and vice versa, because when used effectively they create natural ways to seduce your target audience.

Experiment with Live Streaming

YouTube, Facebook & now Instagram are all playing in the LIVE streaming space, and consumers are loving it!

The ‘limitedʼ nature of live video makes it a huge opportunity for marketers because viewers have a sense of urgency to tune in and interact with the content knowing that it wonʼt be available in real time again.

Put an expiry date on your content

Any Snapchat user knows that thereʼs something alluring, and even addicting, about sending content that will self-destruct within a set timeframe. Throw in the rise of the Gen Z (13-24 yr old) consumer with their decreasing attention span and you begin to understand the importance of putting an expiry date on your social content.

As with live streaming, a sense of urgency cuts through any social noise and clutters and instantly captures the userʼs attention. And itʼs really simple – look now, or lose your chance forever.

Be Personable

No one wants a hard-sell and consumers are being increasingly resistant to advertising. The answer? Add a huge dose of personality into your content, and personalise your content to the target audience.

Itʼs all about creating content that homes in on exactly the consumer is looking for or thinking about!