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In the fast-moving digital world that we live in there is a HUGE focus on how to create content for millennials. But what does this terms actually mean, and are we throwing it around as an industry buzz word without really understanding of the demographic?

Let me share a few common truths about millennials:

  • Independent from birth
    They are the first generation to have grown up with technology being all around them
  • Always seeking authenticity
    They have extremely high bullshit meters, they want to be able to engage with the content they’re presented with.
  • Generous and driven
    Once they set their mind to something they action it, helping anyone and everyone they can along the way.
  • Always curious
    This is the hardest part for marketers, because as soon as solve a problem for a millennials audience they divert their attention and become curious about a new problem.

Millennials are the first generation to experience first hand the wonders of technology and grow up within digital economy – they have seen their peers become billionaires and have seen smartphones take over the world!

But because we label them ‘millennials’ we often forget that they are people. We’ve created a huge disconnect between the word and the age group – and we need to look at the people within the demographic.

One thing we can say about ‘millennials’ is that they are consistently inconsistent.

They act very differently throughout their day throughout their life. They have more access to anything else than any other generation. And they can be different people at different points in the day.


Millennials are early adopters and cultural tastemakers

The content we present to millennials needs to fit in with their lifestyle. Take a leaf out of Spotify’s book. Instead of looking at them as a demographic, look at the through a three-tier adoption phase:

  • how they consume media
  • how they look at media
  • who are they sharing it with

Stop thinking about your demographic audience, and start thinking about consumption style & share-ability.