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Case study videos illustrate how your business assists clients with solving particular problems. They showcase a client, their problem and how your business was able to provide a solution.

They can be used in a multitude of ways to promote your brand: featured on your website, shared on social media, published as blog content or as part of an EDM.

Case study videos can be very powerful – they allow prospective buyers to relate to your brand in a way that few other tools do.

Introducing a problem familiar to prospective clients and demonstrating how your business saved the day can trigger a light-bulb moment for a viewer, leading them further down that sales funnel.

With a number of benefits, case study videos can achieve great things for your brand.

Build trust and credibility

Case studies offer businesses a simple way of building credibility and trust: through telling the story of how you can help solve problems.

Good case studies let clients tell stories of your expertise or product helping achieve great results. They highlight the unique way your business has help theirs, building a level of trust in potential clients.

If youʼve worked for some impressive clients, leveraging their brand also helps in establishing credibility and trust. Itʼs suggested that 88% of consumers read and watch online reviews and recommendations to gauge the quality of a business.

If visitors see a trusted and well-known brand speak highly of you, they will be much more likely to perceive you as a high quality business.

Donʼt tell, show

Unlike an advertisement, where scenarios are hypothetical and fictional, case study videos feature real clients, real problems and real solutions.

Case study videos have a much greater impact because they demonstrate how your offering directly benefits clients in the real world.

You can showcase how your product or service works, rather than simply explain what it is. By keeping the focus on the benefits of your service or product, you help clients visualise how they can best utilise what you have to offer.

Told from a clientʼs perspective, case studies also make your service or product a lot more relatable for potential customers.

Make good content

Case study videos also double as fantastic, shareable content!

Feature them on your website, on your home page, as part of your services page or in your portfolio/clients section.

Load them up onto YouTube, the second biggest search engine and share them on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to create engagement.

Feature them in your newsletter to improve engagement, create a blog post around the case study it and use the video as the feature of the post. Show them during sales pitches and client meetings to drive home a point.

Case study videos are an incredibly useful marketing tool, so make sure you include it in your strategy!

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