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Picking Event Video Venues

This week on DeliBytes, David gives us tip on picking event videog venues.

Check out the video above or on YouTube and if you like it, share it! We also summarised the tips below, have a read if you don’t have time to watch.

Today we’re going to be discussing picking a location for events and conference video content.

If you do want to record an event you need to make sure that the location facilitates it otherwise you’re just wasting time and money so the word of the day here is “accommodate”.You need to make sure that you’re accommodating for the camera crew throughout the entire event for everything that you need captured. That’s how you’re going to get the best quality stuff.

First off you need to a call it accommodate for the visuals the primary way to do this is make sure that you have a location where you can easily put cameras and you have a designated area for those so it’s not mixed in with the chairs or just kind of left for the camera crew to fend for themselves.

You want to make sure that it’s not too far away from whatever you’re recording lenses can only go so far so forcing them to stand 30 meters at the back of the room isn’t gonna work you need a designated area that is taped off and free from chairs and so patrons that are at the event you know not to move into
that area.

Secondly you want to accommodate for audio so the main thing you want to remember is that unless somebody has a microphone on them the are not going to be heard by the camera at all there’s no way around that.

If you are in a venue that has a sound desk check whether they have an output so that they can just run straight into the camera because that’s going to solve all of your problems it’ll seamlessly mix with whatever your AV team is doing on the day but if you don’t have that kind of setup you really do need to be giving time for the camera cruising making people up in between speeches and things like that.

Make sure there is time in between and get whoever’s emceeing or speaking just to work the room for a while whilst that transition takes place and if you really, really want to record something where anyone in the room is allowed to speak.

It’s a complete waste of time unless you have somebody with a roaming microphone going around some people are heard and a roaming camera as well so that they can be seen and finally the other thing you want to accommodate for is time setting up the equipment that’s needed for this kind of videography can be quite complex.

You want to make sure that you have both an hour before the event and afterwards for the camera crew pack up and set up so make sure when you’re booking the venue that that time is allocated.