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Are you prepared to admit you’re wasting time?

On average people spend 2 to 3 hours per day on unproductive activities. This alone equates to 18 weeks per year!

If I could show you one trick to save you five minutes per day would you use it? More importantly what would you do with the time that you saved? I am a big believer in becoming more productive with a purpose. What is your purpose? What would you spend an extra 6 1/2 weeks on? Because just five minutes a day is 6 1/2 weeks per year!

I would suggest splitting the extra time to improve other parts of your business, but also to take time out, relax, And look after yourself!

Your business is only as good as the people inside it, and that includes the health of the people running your business!

As a business owner or entrepreneur your own health and well-being should always be number one priority. Your friends and family should come second, as they are yours emotional support. Then and only then should you focus on being hyperproductive in your business. Priorities are crucial to success in business.

Ask yourself what am I doing today to look after and better myself? And if the answer is nothing, change it!

Remember to eat well, stay hydrated, I get plenty of exercise! We are here all the time, but it is so true and so important.

Far too many business owners are so busy in their business, that they don’t properly look after themselves, or work on the business.

It can be difficult as a new or small business to cope with managing everything, however working too hard in the business, on day-to-day activities, can I hold your business back from its full potential!

Time out for yourself, allows you to reflect and acknowledge both the good and the bad, and to be grateful for all your accomplishments.

Only in this state, is it possible to identify all the ways to improve and enhance your business, because you are not caught up in the mundane tasks of day-to-day activities.

Please don’t misunderstand, I know I love what I do for work, as I’m sure you do too! What I’m saying is day to day activities are the running of the business.

The things you do when you step back and take time out, are working on your business, to improve enhance and strengthen your business.

Are you ready to claim that time, and use it productively?

One element of being productive, is being focused! In order to be focused, you need to remove the likelihood of distraction. Unfortunately in business you cannot predict the actions of others, however you can set clear boundaries and take action in other areas to remove distractions.

My one tip for you today, that many business owners did not realise, is that Facebook is one of the most distracting business activities.

Again, don’t misunderstand! Facebook is a powerful marketing tool, but many business owners do not realise that there are multiple Facebook apps.

Once you learn to utilise Facebook apps properly, you will remove a world of distractions, and find that this tip will save most business owners at least five minutes per day.

Now please remember to use your new found 6 1/2 weeks of time wisely, to work both on yourself and on your business.

As you can tell, I am big on systems and processes. So if you need help in setting up systems to remove distractions, please get in touch.

Tristan Griffiths
Digital Jedi